CLUB BELLYDANCE: Live show in The Uptown

We are excited to announce the launch of our new tour, “CLUB BELLYDANCE.” This exciting new show will feature Bellydance Superstar dancers Sabah, Moria, Colleen, Stefanya and Victoria.

This new show will now give the BDSS dancers an opportunity to try out new ideas and choreography not possible in the full theatre show while at the same time enable the audience to watch their fellow bellydancers perform up close in an intimate club style setting.

In each city, the local bellydance community will provide the first half of the show and the BDSS dancers the second half. Workshops will be set up wherever possible and of course the tour would carry the BDSS traveling store with a wide range of bellydance products at great prices. The tour runs from September through October.

We look forward to spreading the word on this shimmylicious dance phenomenon across America and beyond! Come join CLUB BELLYDANCE!

September 21st 2011